Ilmveristy mobile application

My Child My Future

Ilmversity is an application that provides a close and easy working relationship revolving around your child's progress through a web portal. This is used in schools by teachers, students and parents to build a community where each and everyone plays an important role for the betterment of children. The core vision at Ilmversity is,"

My child --> My future".

The rapid growth in technology has enabled us in creating this amazing aplication that not only records your child's progress but also teaches us how to be better parents along the way. Ilmveristy has launched this program to bridge an effective way to communicate between schools and parents, closely monitoring your child's progress, activities, results. It is also a quick and easy means of communication between parents and teachers.

Ilmversity Concentrates On 4 Important Aspects

School Management

Ilmversity is a one stop shop in providing and online solution for the School management where the school can customize their activities like, accounts, schedules, attendance, student reporting, managing campuses, communication between parents and the faculty


Monitor progress of your child, maintain a healthy communication between teachers and the faculty. Learn how to become better parents and understand your child's needs in areas like, education, child psychology, healthy eating and nourishment, play activities through our 1 year parenting course


Management of daily activities like, homework, attendance, tests, exams, student counselling and communicating required information between parents and faculty


Online home work, schedules, tests, exams, communicate between teachers and peers

Why Ilmversity ?

Parental Engagement Program

Ilmversity is the only application which connects all the dots. Only application which developed with the focus approach with the outcome we all suppose to focus.

My Child -- My Future When it come to creating an application of that magnitude and nature. It's necessary that you must have a team of dedicated, experience with right knowledge and expertise to come up with the products which assure satisfaction of its users.

Values that matters:
  • Integrity
  • Focus Approach
  • Design that works for every one
  • Customer Comes First
  • Innovation at its best