People said about Ilmversity

We have recently employed user-friendly Ilmversity software in our school and are pleased with the results. Continuous training and support has enabled us to implement it, at least the basic modules, smoothly. Encouraging remarks from parents have motivated our teachers to use the core features effectively.
I am running 10+ branches and experienced several schools software in last few years. ILMVERSITY solved all my problems from accounts to academics. Help my teachers in their daily activities. Even our students and most of All Parents are really happy. I must say this app is number one.
Professor Amir Baig

Director - Alsuffah Academy

Alsuffah Academy
We are privileged by Ilmversity to have an advanced school management system. It is a vivid style of communication and promotion rather speculation. Its additional feature of "Parenting application" enhanced its functionality in efficient manner. We are more productive and proficient now than ever before and ultimately will go above and beyond parents expectations.
"I am so pleased with the focused approach of your team. Initially I was expecting Ilmversity a routine school portal kind of a thing. :) But Team Ilmversity I congratulate you guys on developing such wonderful application. Specially "Parenting" I must say .... Extra-ordinary efforts . Can't wait to have this application in my phone."
We feel highly pleased to present our vote of thanks to ILMVERSITY. ILMVERSITY application is of great quality and depth. It exceed our expections. It is so friendly and easy to use for Management and Parents. We all are very happy and satisfied with this product. Thank You ILMVERSITY :) --
I am using ilmversity to manage my charity school, it has great features to manage all the school issues. We are giving access to the system to our donors too, to keep all operations transparent.
Muhammad Hassan Ghoghari

CEO - Street to School / O4E

CEO Street to School / O4E
Being a School Owner & Principal I always want to find ways to stay connected with parents. I believe without help of good Parenting we are unable to produce results. Ilmversity is the "solution" which help us to stay connected with parents and also help us to keep every one posted with the regular updates. Ilmverisy Reporting system, Attendance, Kids Progress, school management and top of the line Parenting. Each and every feature of Ilmversiy is wonderful.
Mrs. Shazia Suleman

School Owner / Principal Lahore.

Mrs. Shazia Suleman